Meet The Team


Raindolf Owusu is the CEO & Founder of Oasis WebSoft who has devoted his life to advocating for free and open-source software (FOSS). He is a visionary who believes in empowering nations with software and technology. He founded Oasis WebSoft in July 2011 as an initiative to use software to solve the daily problems Africans encounter. As a software developer he is fluent in 9 different programing languages. Some of his recognized works include Anansi Web Browser which happens to be Africa’s first web browser, Anansi Calcpad, Anansipedia and Dr. Diabetes are some of his recognized works. He also helped to develop and deploy Ebola Ghana Alert which was a reliable and easy-to-use application for tracking, training and dissemination of information to the public about the Ebola virus. His most recent project is called Bisa which means to ask in Twi. Bisa is a mobile application that allows users to ask doctors questions, guidelines, information and tips for managing their health. Users can also send a clear snapshot of the area they are concerned about and medical professionals will review and respond to their query within a short period. Dubbed the Mark Zuckerberg of Accra by Forbes Africa magazine in 2012, he has been nominated and received various awards such as Guido Sohne Fellow 2012, Ideas Awards 2013, Mandela Washington Fellow 2015. He was also listed in Forbes Africa under 30 Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs in 2015 and a New African Magazine named him one of 100 Most Influential Africans in 2015. He also received the prestigious Junior Chamber International ten most outstanding young person’s award in Ghana.


Ms. Harriet Adansi is Co-Founder, Business Administrator and Marketing Lead at Oasis Websoft. She is a very self-motivated and hardworking young African Woman determined to chart a new path and motivate other young women, who in the face of varying adversities push forward to triumph. Ms. Adansi has a natural ability to blend in and culturally adjust to new and challenging environments, again amply demonstrating her presence of mind and resilience when presented with challenge. Ms. Adansi also has an amiable personality and the ability to work well with people from diverse backgrounds. Graduated BSc. Business Administration from Ashesi University and MSc. International Business from Hult International Business School. She has built managerial skills and gathered experience working on the management team of CN_Terminal Company Limited, MISHA Enterprise and ADARON Ventures. Ms. Adansi professionally demonstrates her strength in character; courage and the ability to take calculated risk. Eager to create change and impact lives, Ms. Adansi has engaged in a number of philanthropic projects including annual donations to various orphanages across the country in the month of May, sponsoring deprived female students through education, voluntary tutoring in Bazua-Upper East Region, Okwenya and Berekuso- Eastern Region, and willing joined groups such as POCA and Tatas and Friends to raise funds to support the needy. Her socio-economic contributions, character, work effort and zealousness to succeed and create positive change strongly influences her believe in the OasisWebsoft Vision: to create change in Ghana and Africa as a whole using innovative technology.


Thomas Darku is the Head of Engineering and Research Development at Oasis WebSoft. He is the first Ghanaian to be appointed as a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in 2013 has since then helped in recruiting other MSPs. In December 2013, Microsoft Africa awarded him the Developer of the Month. In 2014 he gained a lot of recognition and awards some of which include Most Creative and Innovative Student at the UMAT Community Excellence Awards (UMEX). He published his first open source project on CodePlex, a Microsoft open source repository, developed a Pattern lock library to enhance security on app developed on windows phones and implemented a security feature in the note taking app on Windows Phone called Penote which gained over 2000 downloads. He also mentored and taught 30 girls the basics of programming (Visual C#) for 4 months under the Youth Spark program by Microsoft, directed by a Microsoft Partner in Learning (MSPIL), Key Information Network (KiNet) in Ghana. He also developed fun apps like artLab on windows phones and an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) app called Read lens which can extract text from images. Glivion embarked on community projects to help young entrepreneurs like EfuaStanzz designs where apps were developed to showcase fashion prowess and also developed an app for the Student Representative Council of UMAT for broadcasting news, notices and announcements to students. In September 2015, he was recruited amongst the developers for an NGO called FixGhana for their Pesewa project. Pesewa is a crowd funding project to help community development in Ghana.


Alex joined Oasis Websoft in 2016 to support Business Intelligence and strategy development for Bisa Health. He has a healthcare-focused IT background, which includes over 7 years of experience managing global projects for pharmaceutical companies, driving M&A activity for US healthcare providers, and developing advanced analytics solutions to drive better health outcomes. Alex previously worked directly with the Aboom Methodist School in Cape Coast during his time as a Fischer Global Service Fellow to build sustainable ICT infrastructure and enhance ICT education quality. He is committed to improving health outcomes in Ghana through technology and analytics solutions.


Nana Ama graduated from the Presbyterian University College in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration, Management option. She worked with the International Commercial Bank as an Office Assistant/ Customer Service officer. Nana Ama is also a member of the NUPS G Abetifi choir that uses choral music to raise money example, for the renovation of the Maternity ward at Atibie Government hospital in Ghana.

She has had training in customer service and is committed to the assistance and support of others while maintaining a cheerful and helpful attitude. Nana Ama has been applauded for delivering quality service as well as developing a loyal customer base resulting in impressive sales. She provided superior customer service while demonstrating attention to detail, flexibility and innovation in resolving problems.


Raphael is a junior software developer at Oasis Websoft. He is interested in web and mobile application development and securities. He is also proficient in programming languages such as C++, C# and Basic. Raphael joined Oasis Websoft in August 2016 and is keen on developing his skills further and learning additional programming languages. Like the rest of the team, he also has a dream of making Africa a better place through technology.